Substation no. 41 - Breakfast Creek Hotel, Breakfast Creek, QLD 4010

The Substation No.41 RUM BAR is the Brekky Creek's newly launched Rum Bar. Featuring over 400 varieties of Rums sourced from all over the world, the bar proudly shelves some of the most rare and exclusive products and is one of the biggest Rum Bars in the world!

Housed in a renovated electricity substation building on the Breakfast Creek Hotel site, the RUM BAR features an 11.9 metre long Iron Bark timber bar, which once supported the overnight storage bin at the old CSR Sugar Refinery at nearby Teneriffe. It is quite the talking point with visitors and locals and a lovely link with the new Rum Bar collection.

The RUM BAR has been lucky enough to have sourced some key products that are extremely limited, including a bottle Of Havana Club Maximo – one of only 6 bottles that exist in Australia. As the most premium product available from the Havana range, the Maximo is housed in a glass cabinet that centres the bar and sits opposite the limited and very special release bottle of the Bacardi 150th Celebration. The Brekky Creek is honoured to house both these amazing products and so many other key features pieces in the Bar.

The Substation No.41 RUM BAR is the only Hotel in Australia that can proudly announce that they now serve “Rum Off the Wood”. It has been tradition in the Brekky Creek that Beer of the Wood is a must do experience when visiting the Hotel and now patrons can continue the experience and sample the Bundaberg Rum encased in a glorious French Oak Barrel. It’s a truly unique twist on this classic flavour.

Journey through the regions of the world and see for yourself the variety of flavours and colours that make up this magical Rum Journey, try at your own pace or be guided by Stu’s Selections. Enjoy the outdoor seating or the inside air-conditioning as you listen to live entertainment playing Friday and Saturday nights, and Sunday afternoons.

Open from midday until late 7 days a week.

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  • Sundays from 4pm
Rum Appreciation Sundays

Rum Appreciation Sundays

In the Substation no.41 Rum Bar

Rum Appreciation Sunday is back for 2017!

It's a casual Sunday afternoon with the highly specialised team in the Substation no.41 Rum Bar. Join us from 4pm to late and savour a different Rum each week. Join the team at the bar or indulge in private, its free to join in.

Sunday 26th February (The Cruzan Range)
Hailing from the U.S Virgin Islands, including – entire Cruzan range
Discussion points – A diverse range of flavours within the one rum family.

Sunday 5th March (Explore the two Pyrat Rums)
Sunday 12th March (The Pampero range)
Sunday 19th March (Whats in the speed rail)
Sunday 26th March (What is Cachaca)
Sunday 2nd April (Old fashioned - Rum Vs Bourbon)
Featuring Rum Old Fashioned VS Bourbon Old Fashioned


  • This is a FREE event
  • 18+ Only - Photo ID required
  • From 4pm


An exceptionally well-balanced 7 year old Rum from Panama, Ron de Jeremy tastes full and has a long, smooth finish. Carefully aged, the harmonious blending of oak, fruit and spices come together to provide a rum experience that showcases a high level of expertise.

What makes Panamanian rum different from that of other Caribbean or Central American countries? Panama boasts a unique climate called the Arco Seco, or Dry Arch, defined by the area's lack of summer rain. This is important for controlling the aging process, and — of course — the sugarcane harvest. Climate stability allows for precise calculations about the evolution of the rum as it ages.

  • ABUELO 5yo

  • Each 15ml tasting served with a home-made shortbread biscuit.

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    Clipp the Bar Tab App is Now Here

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    El Dorado 50 Year Old Grand Special Reserve

    El Dorado 50 Year Old Grand Special Reserve

    El Dorado Grand Special Reserve (50th Anniversary) Rum NEW IN STOCK!!

    Limited and exclusive release – The Substation no.41 Rum Bar at the Breakfast creek Hotel is proud to announce it now houses the ONLY bottle available in Australia!

    El Dorado Rum has recently released the special edition rum which celebrates the 50th Year Anniversary of Guyana's Independence from Britain. This Anniversary Rum is produced from a blend of rums aged 33 to 50 years, and finished with a soupcon of aged pot still rums surviving from El Dorado's heritage Double Wooden Pot Still and a since-discontinued John Dore Copper Kettle Still.

    The completed rum is bottled at 43 % alcohol by volume and presented in a distinctive crystal decanter adorned by an 18 carat gold collectible medallion. Only 600 bottles have been produced, each individually signed and numbered by the El Dorado Master Blender.

    State of Origin 2017

    State of Origin 2017

    Carlton Brewery Fresh Tank Beer

    Carlton Brewery Fresh Tank Beer

    Now Pouring in the Staghorn Beer Garden and Spanish Garden Stekahouse.

    Tank beer tastes so fresh as it is unpasteurised and unfiltered and is maturing right up to the moment it hits your glass.

    It is Carlton Draught, served as its original brew master intended. The result of the process is a smoother style of beer that is more sessionable. It is fresh and lighter on palate as it is not over-carbonated, has impressive head retention and good lacing at the side of glass.