The Breakfast Creek Hotel has had an unrivaled reputation for its steaks since they were first introduced in the Staghorn Beer Garden way back in 1967.

Part of the 'Brekky Creek experience' is to line up and select your own superbly tender, aged fillet from the chilled cabinet and have it char grilled in an open kitchen in front of you. The steaks are cooked to perfection, and served in a no-nonsense manner, with an Idaho potato, bacon sauce, coleslaw, slices of tomato and a bread roll.

The Spanish Garden Steakhouse opened in 1968 – a revamping of the previous Mexican Restaurant – giving diners a restaurant experience within the Hotel. Diners now enjoy full tables service mixed in with old fashioned hospitality.

There are a range of other selections for the non-meat eater, including barramundi, char-grilled chicken and the pub's 'quiet achiever', its fantastic oysters, but it's the steaks that have given the Brekky Creek its legendary status. They're a favourite with patrons and critics alike, and have earned the hotel awards from American Express, Diners Club, Miettas of Melbourne and Quest Newspapers.

The beef sourced by the hotel has such a strong following that the Brekky Creek even serves up award-winning eye fillet pies and rib fillet rolls as a sideline, in response to demand.

Where Do Our Steaks Come From?

The Brekky Creek is committed to serving prime aged beef from the best cattle producers in Australia. We are pleased to offer 12 cuts of premium quality beef for our customers to choose from.

Being a Queensland iconic hotel, we proudly source our cattle predominantly from South East Queensland. These cattle are raised on the natural pastures and finished on up to 180 days grain, ensuring our beef reaches maximum flavour and tenderness.

The Brekky Creek brand Platinum Premium has been developed to put our stamp on a product that we believe will deliver a first class consistency every time.

We also serve Wagyu beef (Kobe beef), which is sourced from the Darling Downs region. These cattle are nurtured in traditional Kobe-style and deliver a clean taste and buttery tenderness. The Japanese bulls are crossed with Angus and Murray Grey to meet a specification that will produce a marble score of 4-6.

The Graziers brand is sourced from South-East Queensland and Darling Downs. These Bos Taurus cattle have been grain fed for up to 100 days and prime cuts are carefully selected to ensure a superior eating quality which is a cut above the rest.

Grass Fed Beef

The Breakfast Creek Hotel is arguably one of the most famous and popular Steakhouses in Queensland and certainly knows a thing or two about Beef. The Grass-fed steak was a regular feature on the menu until the mid 2000's when drought heavily impacted on the supply of premium quality grass-fed steak and it was replaced with Grain-fed steaks. With the development of the Dry-Aging Cabinet in the Spanish Garden Steakhouse the Brekky Creek was able to monitor the quality and slowly bring the Grass-fed option back to the forefront of the menu.

Now serving three cuts of grass-fed steak – the Dry aged *Rib on the Bone* and now the *Rib Fillet *and* Rump steak* the Brekky Creek is proud to offer both varieties. The Brekky Creek sources their Grass-fed steaks from the Mandalong Station in Northern NSW. As family owned and operated farms, the Cattle are raised on native and improved pastures namely Kikuyu, Rhodes and paspalum grass without the assistance of Hormonal Growth Promotion. A combination of breed, pastures and excellent stock handling makes for a flavour and tenderness profile in Mandalong Station Beef that is exception.