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Yes, believe it or not, you can buy genuine Breakfast Creek merchandise from the venue.

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We strive to be at the heart of our local community by providing a place for friends to meet, for families to relax and to host local functions and events.

We are the unofficial ‘clubhouse’ for a number of local sporting teams - a place to re-convene after matches, sell raffle tickets, celebrate victories and commiserate losses.

Contact us using the form above to find out how we may tailor a unique support program benefiting your club.


The 2017 Annual Charity LED Steer

Going, going, gone…It's a WIN for Charity!

The Breakfast Creek Hotel was host to a magnificent day of fundraising with their Annual Grand Champion Led Steer luncheon in September 2017.

Festivities started at 12noon sharp, with a live auction of the Champion ribbon winner Led Steer from the 2017 Charolais National Show and Sale up for grabs. Around 200 guests were treated to an up-close and personal opportunity to meet the steer and his handler; young Billy Gotesch. The 580kg beast, named "Warramunga Mango" paraded through the historic and iconic hotel posing for happy snaps with patrons.

Patrons celebrated the auction in the Spanish Garden Steakhouse with a three course luncheon menu featuring the Grand Champion in the Prime Led Steer and the Middleweight Champion Led Steer from the 2017 140th Royal Queensland (Ekka) Show. The Main meal served a selection of cuts from the Champion steers including Prime Rump, Rib Fillet and Porterhouse/Sirloin steaks.

The Brekky Creek raised almost $2500-more with a charity raffle– giving the PA research foundation plenty of reasons to smile and a grand total of $22,3338 for its efforts.

"Warramunga Mango" will be processed and available for guests of the Breakfast Creek hotel to sample as a limited release feature steak from Saturday 11th November in the Beer Garden.