Staghorn Beer Garden Dining

The Staghorn Garden is a Queensland institution, thanks to its relaxed, subtropical ambiance and lush landscaping. It boasts stunning timber decks which create an artful, soft separation between the food and bar businesses.

The entire area is light, bright and inviting, merging seamlessly with an eight metre high breezeway structure that links the heritage listed Hotel building to the Substation No.41 building.

An open kitchen and servery is situated on one side of the breezeway, where patrons are able to choose their own steak from the chilled cabinet, in classic Brekky Creek tradition.

The hotel is renowned for introducing Beer Garden style dining to Queensland. The Brekky Creek continues to hold this tradition proud as the Staghorn Beer Garden offers the very best in casual outdoor dining. The Staghorn Beer Garden boasts seating for over 500 people.

Spanish Garden Steakhouse

The Brekky Creek's signature steakhouse is where the tradition of superb steaks all began in 1968.

A traditional atmosphere and shady green alcoves, 'the Spanish' provides a perfect oasis on a hot summers day and is the ideal place to tuck into one of the Creek's famous steaks, washed down with a fulsome bottle of red.

The Spanish Garden Steakhouse is the essence of the Breakfast Creek Hotel experience, offering full table service of the highest quality. It offers a simple yet intimate style of dining that is perfect for business or pleasure.

'The Spanish' can seat up to 200 guests.

Creek Café

Coffee @ the Creek has exploded with the expansion of our Café. Perfect for a casual visit or a relaxing addition to your main meal. Enjoy a liqueur coffee or delicious dessert to compliment your lunch or dinner.

Award winning eye fillet steak pies, fresh daily sandwiches and aromatic Vittoria coffee. This is just the beginning of a delectable snack menu for those on the go.

Fantastic options to keep the kids happy on that lazy Sunday lunch. Friendly staff to create your coffee just the way you like it.

Located in the Staghorn Beer Garden, the Coffee Cart is easily accessed for that 9.30am coffee that is essential to all morning activities! There is a fantastic Light Meals menu that is available between regular kitchen service hours.

Meal Deals & Dining Specials

  • Sun 6th September 2015
Book Now For Father's Day

Book Now For Father's Day

Tie's & Trades

Very rarely do we get an opportunity to thank our fathers of the world. While fathers do anything and everything for the betterment of their children, this day allows kids to pay their sincere admiration and respect towards their dad. The Breakfast Creek Hotel pays homage to their hard working dad's with their "TIES & TOOLS" themed day on Sunday 6th September!

Show DAD just how much you appreciate him with our very special steak, "THE BOSS", a 450gram Dry-aged Sirloin on the Bone for $45 available all day and night!

As tribute to our father's, all the staff at the Brekky Creek will be dressed in ties and trades outfits showcasing the super human effort they give in raising their families.

Live entertainment with crowd favourite JAMES JOHNSTON in the substation no.41 Rum Bar and specialty cocktails will be available.

Don't forget to take Dad into the Substation no.41 Rum Bar after his meal and let him explore some of the 500+ varieties of Rum the Substation no.41 Rum Bar has on offer – we are sure it will be the best Father's Day ever!

Go on! Show Dad you care and join us here at the Brekky Creek! Bookings: 32625988.

Available in both the Beer Garden and the Spanish Garden Steakhouse. Conditions may apply. Not available with any other offer. Please see staff for details.

  • Tue 13th October 2015
Annual Charity Luncheon & Auction

Annual Charity Luncheon & Auction

Award winning steaks to come!

The Breakfast Creek Hotel was thrilled to pick up the Ekka's champion single Limousin steer for $7.30 a kilogram, totalling $5139 last week.

Toowoomba cattle breeder Travis Luscombe, who prepared the steer for show, said it will be served at the Breakfast Creek Hotel's Charity Auction on October 13th with the proceeds going to prostate cancer research, later on this year.

"The Creek's annual Charity Luncheon and auction is a must-attend event and I can't wait to be a part of it," Travis said. "I've been showing for more than fifteen years and winning the champion single steer this year at the Ekka and now being a part of the iconic Brekky Creek event is exciting.

Manager of the Breakfast Creek Hotel, Sam Gullo, said that this year, Terry Nolan from Nolan Meats also placed the winning bid on six champion Charolaise x Angus on their behalf. "Terry snapped up the beauties for us from well-respected cattle man David Bondfiled for $3.65 per kilo and we're expecting they'll yield some top quality steaks for this year's charity luncheon".

David Bondfield, who has been showing cattle for more than 35 years, said he was happy with the result. "It's great to be able to come here and support the RNA, and to celebrate our agricultural heritage. I never take it for granted and being involved with the Ekka is a great marketing moment for our businesses. It's also a buzz to know that a venue as historic as the Breakfast Creek Hotel is contributing to the excitement."

The winning cattle will be served at the Creek's annual LED STEER Charity Luncheon on October 13th in the Spanish Garden Steakhouse. The auction lunch will attract many livestock industry stakeholders including Terry Nolan from Nolan Meats and Geoff Atkinson from A La Carte Meats. To book your table call 3262 5988.

Conditions apply. Bookings are essential. See staff for details.

  • $55 per person
  • Tickets available at venue
  • Booking fee may apply
  • All Ages Event - Conditions may apply
  • Tue 13th October 2015
Led Steer Live Auction & Luncheon

Led Steer Live Auction & Luncheon

he Breakfast Creek Hotel is proud to once again host the GRAND LED STEER CHARITY LUNCHEON

With the record breaking live auction in 2014 of the charity steer, "BRUCE" who sold for $40000 for the Hotel Care's charity campaign supporting Prostate Cancer research, the total monies raised in just three short years is over $90000! The Breakfast Creek Hotel has again purchased a Champion Steer in the hopes to raise more much needed funds!

In 2015, "Biscuit", a 630kg Limousin Charolais Cross Steer won the Grand Champion title at the Dubbo Show, and will help raise funds for the "Hotel Cares" initiative this October. Supporting Prostate Cancer research for the Mater and P.A Foundation, Biscuit will be auctioned off on the front lawn of the "Hotel to the highest bidder from 12pm.

To celebrate the sale the Breakfast Creek Hotel will then host a very special Charity Luncheon in the Spanish Garden Steakhouse after the auction. With a menu featuring the 2015 Royal Brisbane Show Champion Single Steer and six champion Charolaise x Angus cattle, the Breakfast Creek Hotel offers three delicious courses and includes a donation to the Hotel Care Fundraiser.

Tables are limited and bookings are essential on 3262 5988.

Do your part and support Prostate Cancer Research with the Breakfast Creek Hotel on October 13th. BOOK NOW!

Conditions apply. Bookings are essential. Not available with any other offer. See staff for details.

  • Monday Nights During NRL Season
Monday Night Footy!

Monday Night Footy!

Score with this steak special!

Watch all the LIVE NRL action on our 7 square metre LED screen in the Staghorn Beer Garden each Monday as you enjoy a 300gram Black Angus Rump and Schooner of VB for only $30. Live sound in the Beer Garden!

Available 5pm - 9.30pm Mondays during the NRL Rounds - Bookings 3262 5988.

  • Mondays during the NRL Rounds - 5pm to 9.30pm in the Beer Garden only
  • Starts Thu 10th September
    Ends Tue 6th October
Footy Finals Devils Cut Chicken Wings

Footy Finals Devils Cut Chicken Wings

Celebrate your footy finals run at the Brekky Creek with our Devil wings! Infused with Jim Beam's 'Devil's Cut' Bourbon these Sweet and Spicy wings will satisfy the heartiest of footy finals hunger!

1kg of Jim Beam's Devil's Cut Bourbon marinated wings for only $15

Available from Thursday – Sunday only during the promotional period.

Conditions apply. Available from Thursday – Sunday only from 10th September 2015 – 4th October 2015 in the Beer Garden. *Not available in the Spanish Garden Steakhouse.

King of Beef

King of Beef

Dry Aged rib on the Bone

Dry Aged Beef

Over 40 years ago most of our beef was dry aged, as this was the natural way to enhance the flavour and the tenderness of beef. The process of dry ageing begins with premium quality meat with a good fat cover and involves hanging the meat in sterile cold rooms with carefully controlled air flow, humidity and temperature for up to 9 weeks. During the ageing process, enzymes break down the muscle fibres, this improves tenderness, intensifies the flavour, resulting in the meat being positively buttery in texture and flavour. The flavour is best described as robust, rich, nutty and beefy.

1-15 days In the first 15 days the beef starts to form a crust on the outside which locks in the flavour.

16–30 days The ageing process is well under way with the enzymes breaking down the muscle fibres and the crust on the beef is now discoloured slightly.

31-45 days The outer crust of the beef is a lot dryer and distinctly more discoloured; at this stage of the process the inside of the meat is reaching its optimum flavour and tenderness.

46-60 days Flavour has intensified and the tenderness is maximised. The outer crust is then fully trimmed and cut into steaks ready for the customer to enjoy.

Further conditions may apply. Please ask venue staff for details.

Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef

Over the last 12 months there has been a growing trend for steakhouses and high end restaurants in Australia to re-introduce Grass-fed Beef to their menus. Until recently the predominant source of steak in Australia has been from grain finished cattle, finished from between 30 – 100days on a mix of grain bends and/or corn based feeds. The reintroduction is adding a unique element to menus that is both high in health benefits and offers a new and cleaner flavour to the traditional serve.

The way cattle are fed can have a major effect on the nutrient composition of the beef. This is particularly evident when it comes to the fatty acid composition. Grass-fed usually contains less total fat than grain-fed beef, which means that gram for gram, grass-fed beef contains fewer calories.

The composition of the fatty acids is vastly different, which is where grass-fed really shines:

  • Saturated and monounsaturated:* Grass-fed beef has either similar, or slightly less, saturated and monounsaturated fats.
  • Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fats: Grass-fed and grain-fed beef contain very similar amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids.
  • Omega-3s: This is where grass-fed really makes a major difference, containing up to 5 times as much Omega-3
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA): Grass-fed beef contains about twice as much CLA as grain-fed beef. This fatty acid is associated with reduced body fat and some other beneficial effects

Popularity of the paleo diet has steered many enthusiast away from Australian Beef, but with the return of the Grass-fed option many consumers can again enjoy the high protein steaks but not compromise the paleo diet.

The Breakfast Creek Hotel is arguably one of the most famous and popular Steakhouses in Queensland and certainly knows a thing or two about Beef. The Grass-fed steak was a regular feature on the menu until the mid 2000's when drought heavily impacted on the supply of premium quality grass-fed steak and it was replaced with Grain-fed steaks. With the development of the Dry-Aging Cabinet in the Spanish Garden Steakhouse the Brekky Creek was able to monitor the quality and slowly bring the Grass-fed option back to the forefront of the menu. Now serving three cuts of grass-fed steak – the Dry aged *Rib on the Bone* and now the *Rib Fillet *and* Rump steak* the Brekky Creek is proud to offer both varieties. The Brekky Creek sources their Grass-fed steaks from the Mandalong Station in Northern NSW. As family owned and operated farms, the Cattle are raised on native and improved pastures namely Kikuyu, Rhodes and paspalum grass without the assistance of Hormonal Growth Promotion. A combination of breed, pastures and excellent stock handling makes for a flavour and tenderness profile in Mandalong Station Beef that is exception.

  • Fresh Food Every Day
Our Sustainable Kitchen

Our Sustainable Kitchen

We have made a commitment to serve:

  • 100% Australian beef which is fresh and chilled, never frozen
  • 100% Australian chicken, hormone and antibiotic free, fresh and from cage-free farms
  • 100% Australian fresh seafood from sustainable fish stocks
  • Sow Stall free pork that is also hormone and antibiotic free
  • 98% Australian grown fresh fruit and vegetables

We are passionate about food and how it arrives on your plate.

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