The Breakfast Creek Hotel
The Breakfast Creek Hotel

Bars at the Breakfast Creek Hotel

Public Bar

The Public Bar is the heart of the Breakfast Creek Hotel. With its original island bar it is the perfect setting to reminisce with old mates, look at the history of the pub and meet some of the colourful characters that have made the Brekky Creek everyone's favourite.

The Public Bar is the original home of the famous 'Beer off the Wood'. Immerse yourself and learn how the local wharfies petitioned to ensure the wooden keg survived in a new era of steel kegs. The Public Bar was a favourite for many soldiers during World War 2, the scuff marks form their boots still mark the old tiles that house the bar.

Nowadays the famous Wooden Kegs are proudly kept in the Public Bar and are spiked each day at 12pm sharp! It’s quite a spectacle and tourists love it!

These walls are adorned with history, a tribute to the eclectic clientele that has frequented to pub over the years. From small time criminals, journalists, politicians, wharfies and jockeys, this bar is still a favourite for many locals.

Bars at Breakfast Creek Hotel

Private Bar

The dark soothing tones of the Private Bar makes this the ideal setting to talk business or entertain close friends. The Private Bar is also the home of the famous 'Beer off the Wood'. Every day at midday you can witness the tradition of spiking the keg.

The tradition of the Private Bar is alive and well. Businessmen often frequent this area for a perfect cold beer before indulging in a world class steak.

The walls of this bar showcase the history of the hotel as well as the publicans that made the hotel what it is today. Great beer, an extensive wine list, premium spirits, and an old fire place... truly a gentleman's bar.

The Private Bar also offers a veranda which is available for functions or just a great spot to watch the crowds pass by at 'The Creek'.

Bars at Breakfast Creek Hotel Substation no. 41 at Breakfast Creek Hotel

Staghorn Bar

The Staghorn Bar in the heart of the Beer Garden is a fabulous deck bar. Complete with a large selection of beers on tap an extensive wine list and a selection of spirits. The Staghorn Bar is a great place to meet friends before tucking into our famous steaks. The relaxed and friendly environment is sure to make any visitor pull up a chair and enjoy the tropical surrounds. This is Queensland living at its best.

The relaxed feeling of a Sunday lunch or Saturday afternoon makes this the ideal destination to watch your favourite sporting event. With a 7 square metre Big Screen Video LED screen installed December 2012 and an abundance of plasma televisions, the game of your choice is sure to be playing. Call ahead to ensure we have the right game showing for you!

Staghorn Bar

Available at the bar

April "Rum of the Month"

La Mauny 1749

Our April "Rum of the Month" is La Mauny 1749

The 1749 Golden toned Rum was founded by Comte de Mauny. Distilled from fermented sugar cane it is beautiful deep coloured rum perfectly centred between light gold and dark mahogany. It is smoother than you would expect from just over 12 months of aging in a French oak. This bright matured agricole rum stands on its own by providing a powerful and full bodied elegant balance of spices, a rich hint of exotic honey, sweet yet smooth combination of caramelised bananas, and a fresh vanilla finish of meringue.

La Mauny VO
La Mauny VSOP
La Mauny XO

Each 15ml tasting served with a selection of French Cheese and Breads

Substation no.41 Rum Bar Spiced Infusion:
La Mauny 1749 Rum is infused with carefully selected spices and fruits including: Lemon grass, Nutmeg, Poached Pears, Star Anise, Cloves.

Serving Suggestion:
"La La Lovely"
Our own Substation no.41 Rum Bar infused La Mauny 1749 deliciously muddled with poached Pear Puree and Domain Chandon Champagne float.

  • Start - Tuesday 1st April 2014End - Wednesday 30th April 2014